Worship Kentucky 2019

Here is the much-anticipated lineup of churches involved in Worship Kentucky this year. We are thrilled to have 20+ churches represented so far! Don’t see yours listed yet? Even more reason to be there!

Arts Alive – Various Denominations
Allen Clark – Real Life Church
Cassandra Brown – The People’s Church
Mandy Forbis – LifePoint Church
Josh Givens and Kenneth Grizzell – Greenwood Park Church of Christ
Scott Jones – BGFirst
Muryd Scipio – The Point
Darren Bush and Felicia Bland – Cornerview Community Church
Adam Trent – Meadow Land Baptist Church
Stephen Clark – Freedom Ministries
Leslie Downs – Brownsville Missionary
Apostle Chad and Mally Collins – Miracle Life Center
Markus VonSteinfort – Grace Church BG
Jonathan Cardwell – Woodburn Baptist Church
Michael Nichols – Ekk On The Hill
Alan Faehner – Hillvue Heights Church
Martha Christian – Broadway UMC, Bowling Green KY
Shaun and Crystal Cummings and Laura Martin Lee – Unleash Church
Bethany Pedigo – Vineyard Bowling Green
BG Healing Rooms – Various Denominations


Mark your calendars for Worship Kentucky 2019! Saturday, September 14 from 10am – 6pm at the Capitol Arts Center! This is a full-day worship experience, so block off the whole day and join us. You don’t want to miss a minute!


Proclamation 📣 it is a message meant to be spoken, yelled, trumpeted and shouted in the streets. What message are Jesus-people to proclaim? Glad tidings. Great joy. For all people. A Savior was born. A Helper was sent. Glory is our destiny. All is not lost. How can we proclaim this message together? Join us at Worship Kentucky 2019 – September 14th, 10am-6pm at the Capitol Theater to proclaim the Good News!

INVITATION! ✉️📲 Invitations arrive in the mail, via email, and on social media. They require a response from us. Are we coming? How many people are we bringing? God also invites us to fellowship with Him and other believers. Are you coming? Join us for an all-day worship event on September 14th from 10am-6pm at the Capitol Theater!

You are invited!

Celebration! 🎉 What are the best ones? Weddings? Baby showers? Birthday parties? What about when we gather as the church of Jesus? What about when we celebrate Jesus’ life, death and resurrection? Or when we celebrate freedom from bondage, sin and death? Come, be a part of this day-long worship event on September 14th, and celebrate with us from 10am-6pm at the Capitol Arts Theatre!

Adoration – Who do we adore? How do we show it when we adore someone? We hang on their every word. We talk about them to everyone. Worshiping the Living God is where adoration finds its ultimate function. It’s the only proper response to a God who would rather die for us than live without us. It is time for us to slow down and adore Him. Come join us in adoration on September 14th at the Capitol Theater for Worship Kentucky 2019!

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